Nov 14, 2010

Thank goodness for family

My parents came into town this past week and I loved having them here. Ryan has been out of town for job interviews and my mom and I got to hang out while the guys were out of town for business. We had a great time being together and spending time with our little Ty. Thanks Mom and Dad for coming out. That meant a lot to me. I can't wait to have you at Thanksgiving time.
Here is our little guy. We called him our little missionary as that is what he looks like. I am glad he kept this outfit on this week b/c it seems as though when we get on his church clothes he thinks it is time to go to the 'bathroom'. And we all know what happens when little boys do that while sitting in their car seats- what a mess.

Congratulations to Ryan. He defended and passed his thesis defense!!! We are all so proud of him. He worked so hard these last few years. The professor commented on how many people where there to watch him defend. And quickly another professor said, "Yeah, because this is the best one we've had in years and it is worth coming to!" Way to go Ryan! I am so proud of you!
We've had a fun time playing in the leaves this Fall. Tyler has learned to grab things and bring them to his face. It was really funny because he would pull them to his face, and the leaves would tickle him and he won't know how to get away from the funny feeling on his face. Poor little guy- I am such a mean Mom :) He also liked all the cars going by, it was hard to get a picture of him looking at the camera. He is very curious.
The other weekend we hiked the 'Y' before it got to cooled. Ryan had never done that, so we were glad we hiked it before we leave Provo.

Tyler is holding his bottle- (most of the time). It is cute because he is learning what the bottle is and when we are preparing it he knows what is coming and he gets antsy for it. Kyle my brother has been a huge help while Ryan has been gone. He is so good with the baby and a great support to me. Thanks Kyle!
The Farmers that picked our pumpkin :)
This is a cake I made for my friends birthday. She said she wanted oreo, so that is what I did.

I tried to get lots of pictures of my mom and Ty because I haven't in the past. I love when my mom is here. She is one of my best friends and one of Tyler's biggests fans.

My mom brought up this bath for Tyler. It is great because we were bathing him in the sink, but he is getting big and bath time was getting harder and harder. This bath was rating number one for some time. It holds him up and has different places for him to sit depending on how big he is. it is much easier for him to kick and play, which he loves.
He is learning about his tongue and fascinated by it. He blows bubbles- that has been his newest thing lately :)
Daddy and Mommy with our little man. We are proud parents.

Here is Tyler and his 'T'. He is 4 months 11.17. We have a doctors appt. on Wed and I will post his measurements. I think it is so interesting how much they grow and change at this young age. I love it!

I don't know how had more fun this week, Tyler or Grandma.

This time of year helps remind me to be grateful for everything I have been given. I am grateful for the testimony I have in my Savior Jesus Christ and the sacrifice he made for me. I am grateful for my Heavenly Father and the love he bestows upon me with all the blessings I have be given. I love my family. Being a family of three has made me so happy and I am so proud of my two boys. I am grateful for my wonderful husband. He has worked so hard- this is his 8th year of college and in those years he has been become refined and shaped into such a incredible person. I am so proud of him and have been right by his side in his difficulties and triumphs. In my eyes, he deserves everything and I hope he is blessed with a job in which he loves (graduates next month with dual masters degree). Keep us in your prayers as we are on the hunt for jobs.


Lindsey said...

He is such a cute little guy! Good luck with the job hunt!

kachers said...

What an adorable little guy you have! He looks just like a little missionary :>

Kendra said...

Tyler is a cutie! I miss you! We haven't talked in forever, and I have a new phone number, I'll text it to you :) Good luck on the job hunt too.

Ashley said...

oh my goodness he is so adorable! and that cake looks so delicious!

Lindsay said...

oh i love all these pictures michelle! Your boy is so handsome. and oh my that cake looks so yummy! send a slice my way please!