Dec 11, 2010

5 more days

5 more days....

- until Ryan is done with his schooling!!!!!!!!!! I think he is counting down the hours. It has been a lot of years and we are so proud of him. He is more than ready :)

Starting to sit up on his own
Him and his Bud Uncle Kyle
Happy Birthday Jeffery!!!
We will really miss our family here when we move.

Here is his 4 month picture. (Although, he is 5 months in a few days) His 4 month stat's were 78% weight at 16.25 lbs and 93% in height at 26.5 inches. He's a Williams. To be specific, I think he's a little Uncle Gear... we're proud of that :)
Thanksgiving was wonderful. My family came into town with my Nana from England. We loved having them in town. We really missed the Williams. They were planning on coming and then decided not to, which ended up to be really good because there was a snow storm I am sure they would have got stuck in.
Kyle's roommates also came and Ryan's brother Jeff- they all are 'brothers' one way or another.

Tyler loves TV. Here he is watching football with the boys.
Ty's first time in the pool. He is like his Mom and loves the water. It was fun bringing him in the pool (indoor and heated at the hotel).

"Who is that staring at me"... "who knows, but I'll be polite and smile back"

4 generation picture
Quinn (Aubreigh's baby) and Ty playing together. It was so fun hanging out with Aub and cute little Quinn. Thanks for coming down!
Our little Elf coming early to check out to see what we want for Christmas.

Who needs presents when you can play in the boxes? :)


kachers said...

Oh my word Tyler is so stinking ADORABLE!! I need to give you a call Michelle - Ryan had a nice time chatting with your Ryan :> Have you heard about our blizzard this weekend? Church was cancelled! So maybe I'll give ya a call today!! Thinking of you guys -

Lindsey said...

He looks so cute! And is growing so fast. Congratulations Ryan! That will be so awesome to be done!