Jan 8, 2011

The End of 2010

The Brothers

Feeding Tyler... he likes squash better than oatmeal
Uncle Kyle. We miss him as he is in Provo and we aren't. I got to see Kyle more than once a week usually and now I am really missing him. He got a job in a doctor's office working with a cardiologist. He really loves his major and can't wait to go to PA school.

Uncle Ian. He helped Tyler open up his Christmas presents. I don't know who had more fun, him or Ian :)

Getting ready for our annual Christmas party. Before our party we door bell ditched families in need. We had fun laughs as we caroled and someone didn't open the door (our joke continues in our family about our singing); running into the mom before we doorbell ditched her house; or doorbell ditching the wrong house and having to go back to get the present.

It was so wonderful having all of us kids home. We are all hoping to one day all be living down here close by one another.

I've never met a man that loves to be Dad more than Ryan.
Here's my wonderful Dad.

Tyler playing with his Christmas toys.

Christmas dinner and opening presents.

For years in Provo we have had a Christmas Party with all our friends near by. It is sad to know that we are going to be moving away from all these wonderful people. We have such good friends in Utah.
Over the years our Christmas party has changed from late nights to early parties and kids running around. Its fun to see how things have changed. We always joke that we have this party to see our friends Jamie (Ry's old roommate) and Andrea Quinn - every year they have come and that is now the only time we see them. They've always been devoted to our party :) We actually checked with them when a good time would be to have the party, and then we scheduled it and invited everyone else :)

Tyler was 5 months in December. He is healthy and happy.

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