Jan 8, 2011

Welcome 2011

Just too cute.

He loves to eat.
His very own jacuzzi... he's comfortable in his element

Our family is so good with our little guy. My dad and Ty had a great time together playing and laughing. He loves to cuddle with my dad and watch TV, it is pretty cute. I love to see those that I care for with my little baby.

The end always welcomes a new beginning. Cruise to the Carribean with the Williams; Pregnant; now a baby 6 months old; Utah to New Jersey and back; internship at Johnson and Johnson; Ryan finishing up 2 graduate degrees; longing to be full time employed rather than students....

... welcomes the beginning of moving; full time job; graduating; and looking forward to the adventures that come our way... (when we know the details for each of those, we'll let you know... and trust us, we can't wait to find out!)

Of all things this year, as every year, I become more grateful for my family and friends; understand and have a greater devotion to my beliefs; and have a greater desire to give back and bless all those that have blessed me.

Ryan, Tyler and I have the best life.


Bree said...

Congrats on everything, I'm sure it's been a long journey! I see you and Michelle M like to both be sneaky with your announcements. When is baby #2 due? Good luck with everything.

Ryan and Michelle said...

... what, i am expecting :) no... i really made a mistake :) what made you think that, i better change my wording. I am excited to have another, but not yet :)!

Bree said...

My bad, I misread it completely! I thought your paragragh about ends bringing new beginnings was a list of upcoming things until I read it again and realized you DID all of those things! What can I say, I think I'm losing my mind these days!

Janet said...

Michelle, I love the pictures of Tyler ! so cute.. the one where he is in the jacuzzi it kind of looks like his feet are hanging out of the water and they are super hairy!! (but is ryan's arms) kind of funny! miss ya lots, this is caroline btw