Feb 15, 2011

Moving Boxes and Helping Ryan

Hi to all my friends in Provo!

Ryan is currently on a plane to Utah and will be there Tue-Sun packing up our place. I didn't go because we figured with the baby, I would be more in the way than helping. And with all the baby stuff, and how busy they are... all of those with babies, you could imagine :)

I am a little nervous for Ryan. The moving 'pod' gets there on Friday and gets picked up on Tue. We are hoping that people will drop in over the next few days to help him pack the place.

So, if you have a few minutes, drop by and help him.

I am sad to not be there and see our place for the last time. I will be up there in April and will be able to say goodbye to everyone then.

Also... .BOXES... does anyone have any boxes? If so, please drop them off at our place or call up Ryan or myself and we'll arrange how to get them.

Thanks everyone! Hope you are all well!!!


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