Feb 26, 2011

7 months, Disneyland, Valentines Day, and Just Because's

7 months:
His favorite things:
Getting into the trash can
Red placemats
Anything flashing

It was difficult getting a picture of him with his "T". He wanted to play with the "T". These are the best that we got.

He is starting to laugh a lot more and it is so cute!

He likes hidding in the hamper- "peek-a-boo"

For Valentines Day Ryan brought us to the Lake and we had a picnic. He had a great time on the pier, looking at the ducks, and enjoying the nice day together. One of my favorite things are picnics!
Doesn't he look like such a big boy?
I know it is cliche, but he is growing up so fast :)
Besides Ryan, he is my favorite little guy!

My favorite Disney characters
Ryan and I got to go to Disneyland for two days alone. It was absolutely wonderful! Thank you Mom for being with our little guy! Our favorite place is Disneyland, esp. together. Our favorite thing is being parents, but having it just us was so refreshing.
"World of Colors" is a new water/laser show to music at California Adventure. I would defiantly suggest it!

Ever year we get this picture and it perfectly states us.
We got this swing for Tyler and he loves it. Ryan was working on the lawn and he kept looking for him. Of all things, Tyler loves his Daddy and I love it that way.

This picture below is so funny, I had to post it. I never knew a baby could have such a personality, but Tyler shows us everyday that he is his own person. He has always been that way. It has taught me many lessons already... and as hard as some of the lessens have been, I am so grateful for them and that they have been taught by my sweet little babe.

To update you on what we are up to. We have moved out of our Provo apt and are living with my parents. We are looking to buy a place and are excited for that next step in our lives. Ryan starts work on Monday. He is very excited to discover this new time in his life and we are all anxious to hear about it. He will blow them away, I know it. He has been biking with Ian- mountain and road biking. I have been busy with the things I love- being my family. As Ryan has had the time off before he starts work we have been enjoying taking the time being with one another. I have been working on swimming. I have worked up to 22 laps a day, my goal is 36 a day, which is a mile. I feel proud as I have been working hard and I haven't been getting headaches from the workout, which is amazing as I haven't had that for years!


Lindsey said...

Good luck with your new adventures! Way to go with the swimming!

Brian and Michelle said...

Ty is SOOO cute! It is always good to read how all the things in your life make you happy. :)
Good luck with house hunting!

Hillary said...

I love the picture of you and Ryan in front of the "and they lived happily ever after." What a fun tradition! I want to do that someday. How fun!