Mar 4, 2011

I'm growing up

Ty now smiles for the camera when we pull it out. I think he likes when the lens comes out of the camera or when the light goes on my phone. But, I'll just call him smart :) The last couple of weeks he has seemed to mentally grow up. Which makes things fun and sometimes hard. Fun for example because he giggles more, looks at the light when we flip the switch, or look at us for approval when he's done something he is proud of himself for. But, he also "squawks" at someone when he wants their attention and he'll keep doing it until the person looks at him. It is sometimes cute, but can make for some loud dinners.

He has started to find things funny lately- like pretending to cough or sneeze, funny sounds from the mouth or just random things depending on his mood. I love when he laughs, it seems like I'll do anything to get my little baby to laugh, that is what motherhood is all about, right?!


Lindsey said...

He is so cute!

Ashley said...

he is so so handsome michelle!