Mar 6, 2011

New Dress; 2 compliments and a butt grab

The funniest thing happened to me today at church. I knelt down to swaddle Tyler (I know, he still likes to be swaddled) on the floor and all of a sudden someone squeezed my butt. I thought it was Ryan so I really thought nothing of it and continued finishing swaddling Tyler. I looked over to my side to see this guy about my age staring at me in peer shock and said, "... ah... Oh my gosh... Let's just say this never happened." I just began to laugh and kept on taking care of Tyler. Poor guy. His wife must have been wearing a white dress too.

... I did get a few comments wearing my new dress today, but I never thought I would get one so direct ;)


Ashley said...

haha this made me laugh out loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hilarious!

Rachel said...


Chapples said...

haha that's so funny! oh man!