Jun 6, 2011

Blondes, Saunas and bumper stickers

So my mom and I have been making it a habit of going to the gym and sitting in the sauna. Everyday Tyler does better and better in "Kids Club". So I was sitting in the sauna and one of the 24 hour fitness workers popped their head in the sauna and said, "Michelle, your baby needs you." At the same time a lady and myself looked up. Before I could say something she said, "Okay". (Her name must have been Michelle as well). And then a few seconds later she looks up again and says, "Wait, I don't have a baby."

I laughed and said I would take care of him beause I do have a baby. Blonde or what!...


My mom and I had a good laugh when we read on the same truck these two bumper stickers:

1st Sticker:
Yes: This is my truck
No: I will not help you move

2nd Sticker:
Prepare for Jesus

.... I am pretty sure they missed something :)

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