Jun 7, 2011

I love him in this hat!... and how to help with teething???!!!

See those teeth? Any suggestions on symptoms of teething (fever, cranky!, not eating, etc.) and how to help? Tried IB Prophen, Tylenol, Oral Gel, chewing on watermelon or other cold things... what else! Poor little guy doesn't feel good.


Brian and Michelle said...

Tyler is getting so big and he looks so much like the Dawsons to me! The best thing for us for teething was doing the layering of tylenol and ibuprofen, so that neither medicine wore off before the other was in again. Camden loved the teething gel, but we also used some homeopathic teething tablets. I'm not sure how much they helped, but he liked them! I've heard frozen bagels/waffles are helpful for some people, too. Good luck!

Ashley & Brandon said...

Those teething tablets have been pulled off the market. The oragel teething swabs were awesome. They come in like qtip applicators with the medicine inside. I've never tried it but have heard giving them a cold wet washcloth to chew / suck on helps a lot. Good luck!

Rachel said...

I use frozen gogurts. But mostly you just have to wait it out. :/