Jun 15, 2011

Has your baby gone through this sleeping stage?

So Tyler has been sleeping a TON lately. At first I thought it was because he loves his crib (we finally got his crib back from storage!) and he now has his own room (he was sleeping in a loft with a partial wall). And then I thought it was because he was sick. But now I am having doubts on all three because... has your baby started sleeping lots like this?

Bed: 8pm
Morning: Wake him up around 9am
Nap: 10:15-1:15 (have to wake him up)
Nap: 2:45-4:45
Bed: 8pm

It is nice... but also concerning :) Any mom's out there have anything to say (I've called the doc)?
And maybe this is how normal babies sleep and we are just getting spoiled!


Lindsey said...

Ellie is nine months old. She sleeps from about 9pm to 7am. Naps from 10am-11am (on a good day) and then again from about 2pm to 3pm or 4pm depending on the day. If that doctor says it's okay I say enjoy it! :) Sounds like you are really enjoying life in CA :).

Ashley said...

evan sleeps like crazy!! he goes to bed at 8 and sleeps in til 10:30!! then he will take a 3 hour nap during the day! I love it and hope it lasts a long time! =)

Misty said...

My Tyler used to sleep like that. He would go to bed around 9 and sleep in until 10:30 or 11. He'd then nap for a long time during the day. My guess would be he's going through a growth spurt so you should definitely enjoy it while it lasts!!

He is so cute!!!