Jun 15, 2011

"oh, an apricot is ready"

Ryan and I started a fire in the back yard the other night, roasted marshmellows (yes, I know, that is pretty much my favorite activity :), and watched the stars and talked. It was very relaxing and just prefect being alone and spending time with Ryan.

You know when a buzzer rings and someone say, "oh, the bread is ready"?

Well, we have an apricot tree and we have been so spoiled. We go out couple times a day and pick them and love 'em. Tyler thinks it is great and loves to get nice and sticky.

So Ryan and I were enjoying our lovely evening and all of a sudden we heard "pop!" No later did Ryan say, "oh, an apricot is ready" as we heard it fall to the ground.

It really hit my funny bone because I had no clue what the noise was from, but I guess Ryan as had apricot picking on his mind.

....I love the simple things.

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