Jun 15, 2011

I have indentations

Ryan and I were headed home from the grocery store the other day and I was in one of my chatty moods. I as rabbling and Ryan was just listening until he laughed and repeated what I said, "I have indentations".

I have been wearing glasses since December and over the last few months I have been noticing indentations on the side of my head from them. They have been quite bothersome and so I brought it up with Ryan.

Although, when I said it, I guess that I said it in the manner that I would reveal I have this great medical problem, like, I have cancer. And so Ryan kept joking with me for a few days that I have "indentations".

Finally, he asked me to see these indentations and he couldn't believe the grooves on the side of my head (not in my ears like most get them) permenantly engraved. We thought my glasses were too tight, but they easily slip off my head. I guess I just have puff skin and it is easily susceptible to indentations :)

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