Jun 20, 2011

Sea Port Village

The other night we went to Sea Port Village and got to see a sword swallowing man and a mime, along with the other crazy people we could fine. We had a nice evening together as my brother is in town!
There was a bird man with tons of parrots. Tyler couldn't get his eyes off of the bird. It was pretty cute to watch.
These are balancing rocks. Ryan says they are glued, but I am pretty sure the person that did this is just skilled. Check out how good this is.
Kyle and his little man.

Have you seen someone swallow a sword in person? I hadn't, it was impressive. Although, you could tell he has swallowed too many swords because I think he has gotten a few of his vocal chords in the process. Poor guy.

11: months (still trying to get him to sit still and smile all at the same time- that is pretty hard for a little guy). Here is what he likes:
- starting to play peek-a-boo
- throws tantrums
- has learned to sign "all done" (yea! we have been teaching him that for months!)
- loves tooth brushes and remotes- shoots the remote to turn on the TV
- combs his hair when given a brush
- knows how to turn on and off the lights
- starting to let go when standing
- independent in his crib more and loves it! he'll want to go to bed without being asleep and will sleep for long periods of time (13 hours at night and 2-3 hour naps)
- 4 teeth
- hair is getting longer
- pants are getting baggier as he is getting leaner with all his moving
- goes to nursery at church (Ry and I have callings third hour so they asked if he could go to nursery, I thought that was real cool, but now I am having second thoughts as he cries)
He loves playing in the yard. If he is grumpy, all we have to do is bring him outside and let him cruise.

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Brian and Michelle said...

So much fun! And, he will just keep getting more fun! I'm a little jealous they let him go to nursery! Isn't that the dream of every parent of a 12-18 month old?! I love to read through your posts! Glad you're doing well.