Jun 22, 2011

Have you ever had to take a Tylenol after a teeth cleaning?

You know your teeth cleaning is going to be bad when the dental hygienist has a magnifine lens that protrude 8 inches out from her glasses. When that happens just expect that she won't know where your teeth and gym meet and she'll have to guess by the amount of blood that pools. I guess the sharp object she was using to clean my teeth wasn't sharp enough and the way to fix that was to push harder.

First she got the sharp thing and I cringed of pain through that. Then she got the electric tooth brush and she was brushing more my gums than teeth. I thought I was done until I saw her pull out the floss. I think she woke up ready to floss a monster. By the end of it all my gums where bleeding, her gloves had blood chunks on them, my lower jaw felt like it was quivering, I could barely talk, and had to come home and take a Tylenol and sit down.

My mom said good luck before I left and I replied by saying no big deal, it is just a cleaning. I should have taken that luck and next time I go for a cleaning I will think twice about where I go.

.... to follow up- I called the dentist to complain, something I don't normal do, but this was unbelievable. I think they get it often because she didn't sound surprised at all and said, "yeah, she doesn't leave anything behind." I think they are in denial and just need to fire her. All the other dentists I go to always thank me because my teeth are so clean (I pick them before I go, don't tell, that is my dirty little secret). I guess for Barbra, my teeth weren't picked well enough.

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Lindsay said...

oh michelle that sounds horrible!