Jul 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Tyler dear!

Found his nose

He was afraid of his hat b/c i snapped it on him on accident (oops!)
My mom got him a sandbox and he loves going outside all on his own and playing in it. What a big boy!

We had a great birthday weekend for Ty. To start it off we went to the Ringling Bro & Barnum and Bailey Circus with my brother and his wife (Ryan won tickets of the radio!). Tyler thought it was great and loved all the colors and sounds. Sunday we had lots of decorations up (which he thought was fun to look at) and we had a favorite dinner of his- spaghetti squash lasagna, and then we did cake and presents. I tried to make his cake look circus themed. At first he wasn't sure about his cake. He was more successful with a spoon (go figure) but once time went on he got more and more the hang of it. It was really cute to watch. Thanks everyone for making his day special!


Hillary said...

How exciting! Happy Birthday Tyler! You guys are now the parents of a one year old! Woohoo! Thanks for sharing the fun times. I love all of the super cute pictures. :)

Chapples said...

looks like a yummy cake! Happy Birthday Tyler.