Sep 21, 2011

The cakes I've done in the last year

I thought it would be fun to post the pictures of the cakes I've done. I love to make cakes for people. If you want one- send a request!
Happy Birthday Ryan (April)
Happy Birthday Tyler (July)- 3 layer ice cream cake
Happy Birthday Me (June)- chocolate ice cream layered cake with ganache
Happy Birthday Dad (May)- Snickers cheesecake- this was amazing, if I may say so
Happy Birthday Mom (Aug)- 6 Layer rainbow cake with ganche
Happy Birthday Shawn (Sept) friend of mine. Those red things are marshmallows. Dip marshmallow in water and then dip/roll in sprinkles. It is so fun and easy.


Lindsay said...

please send them all to me in st louis asap =) They all look so yummy!

Leslie said...

Ummm...those look so incredible!! I want a piece of them all. Will you make ME a cake for my birthday ... this month? :)