Sep 21, 2011

Pic's from my phone

The kids love wheel barrow rides
Curly hair
New hair cut

His hair won't go this straight anymore, it is too long and will just curl. This was a few months ago
I thought it was cute that he would get himself up on the dishwasher until I realized that he was pulling out all the spoons and licking the left overs right off - yuk!

This picture is a couple months old- but Tyler loves In-n-Out. He is officially a big boy- we ordered him his own meal and he ate the entire thing. We couldn't believe it! (grilled cheese with grilled onions and tomato; I think he would have eaten a whole cheeseburger if we ordered it, next time)

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Brian and Michelle said...

SOOO cute, Michelle! I love the way he gets his "leftover" snacks. I laughed out loud! And, the cakes are pretty amazing. I definitely struggle with cakes--I think it's mostly because I try to "healthify" the frosting and it never turns out quite right. Oh well, I'll stick with other desserts. :) Anyway, Ty is getting so big!