May 19, 2012

 Ty's been into books lately.  He loves to build a fort and he'll pull books into read. One nap he wasn't sleeping.  I looked into the video monitor and saw that he grabbed so many books from his bookshelf next to his crib that he no longer had any place to sleep.

 Congratulations to my brother Kyle and now my new sister in law Brianna.  They got married last weekend and we couldn't be more thrilled.  I didn't get a whole lot of pictures, figured I'd just take the ones from the photographer once he sends them out.  Welcome to the family Brianna, we already love you!

Tyler loved running down the steep hill while waiting for them to come out of the temple.
 Tyler has been into babies.  Every time he sees one he wants to hold them and touch them.  I talk about babies all the time with him trying to prep him for his baby brother to come soon.  I think it is working because he is fascinated.  Hope it sticks!  This is baby George Clausen, my friend April came for my brother's wedding.  It was so fun having her here.

One day Ty was curious about the toilet and loved sitting on it.  He played for about 1/2 hour on it but didn't do anything.  I put his diaper back on and he threw a fit.  So I took it off and he motioned for me to leave the bathroom.  I did so, and he peed in the toilet all by himself.  The next day he had different plans, so he is still in his diaper :)  But, we are getting closer to potty training.  I never thought he would be interested in the potty so soon, but he has always had his own schedule.  To me, I don't care when he's trained.  But it was cute and totally Tyler.  Being "grown up" doing it on his own, but then going back to being a baby.

 So I have this thing about trying to fit in certain things before the next baby comes, like my life is going to end once he does :)  I know it is not, but when Tyler came into my life it took me a long time (feel like I am just barely adjusting now- do any of you feel this same way?) to move into this new stage of my life.  With two kids I can only imagine the adjusting our family is going to have to do.

So, I really wanted to go camping before the baby comes. I envisioned the typical camping experience with a fun night of laughing, cuddling, and waking up all together.  Ty has never slept with us and I thought it would be fun to have his sweet little self curled up against us.  We had a great time.  We ate, fed the ducks, walked around/hiked, played on the playground.  Tyler loved the tent.  He thought it was the greatest thing having a huge bed to roll around in. Ryan and I left more space for him then we had for ourselves :)  When we went to bed it was the most exciting thing for him.  Not in his crib, lights, kids around laughing, animals/bugs chirping, mom and dad to snuggle with, a tent to hit, stand up in and look out of.....

so, we left :)  at 10:30 PM we packed up and drove home (which was 10 min away).  I was just getting more uncomfortable and Tyler was just getting more hyper.  We didn't see the point in staying up into late hours of the night when we could just go home and sleep in our own beds. It was disappointing a bit, but, what do you expect with a 31 week pregnant lady and not even a two year old.  It was fun, Tyler was cute, but then it was just time to go home.

Next time we'll have a camp out in the back yard or just do a "camping experience" without the over night stay.

We didn't get to paddle boating, we'll go back.  Our camp spot was beautiful though, look at that view!

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