Jun 29, 2012

Tyler loves to go in the garage, puts on Ryan's working shoes and gloves.  Lately he likes the least amount of clothes on, probably because it is hot. He thinks he is a man and the garage is his favorite room of the house.
Ty loves flour.  Which is quite scary because he has choked a bit on it.  He was quiet for a few minutes, we checked on him and he found the huge Costco bag of flour and was taking handfuls of it.  Time to baby proof again.  He is becoming a two year old that explores.

We went on a weekend get-away and it was wonderful!  We went to Coronado and rode on the tandem bikes.  That was so much fun, I think we laughed the entire time.  We loved being together for three days, just the two of us.  We went to the beach, out to eat, Gas Lamp, movie theater, desserts, San Diego, Mormon Battalion, Old Town.... thanks Mom and Dad for watching Tyler for us!

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