Sep 8, 2012

Being Real

I am the type of girl that really, really tries to be real.  I am good with relationships.  I deeply care about people.  I am passionate about others lives and their happiness.  Somehow I can connect to others quickly and people open up to me.  I love people!  I love being real with them.  I love them being real with me.  I have no problem listening to what others struggle with and try to help them find resolution that will make them most happy.

But, for some reason I have such a hard time being real with myself.  Does anyone else have this problem?  I have created so much expectation for myself.  I compare myself with myself.  I am not as intimated by others as I am by me.  I know that is so weird.  It is hard for me to give myself "room" according to the stage of life I am in.

So I am working on this.  I am working on challenging my thoughts.  I am working on enjoying the moment and not being stressed about the expectations.  I am working on eliminating the things that I think make me happy but really make me stressed.  I am working on finding my passions and working on them.

I  know this is vague- very, very vague.   But, here on my blog I want to start writing more about what I am working on and sharing them with my friends me.  My friend told me about being able to print your blog as a scrapbook/journal.  So, this can start my documenting.

This may attract less viewers, but that is okay to me.  For me, I will be able to look back and see my progress and growth.  And hopefully in the mean time others can find some connections and together as friends we can help each other along our ride here in life.

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