Sep 13, 2012

Passion vs. balance

I just got off the phone with my good friend.  I always enjoy her perspective and gain a lot from our talks.  So my pursuit to this new balance in life is still on its way.  I think someone has to feel more jumbled than not before things get settled out.  At least, lately that is how I have been feeling.  Can I blame it on birth control or is it just life?!

Ryan and I have had several discussions lately about passion.  He has pointed out how my passionate personality was something that was dominate and attractive when he first met me (don't worry, he's still attracted to that part about me).  I thought everyone had drive like I do.  I thought everyone was obsessiveness like I was.  I have learned that it is part of my personality that makes me like this.

We were born with our personality, it was developed before we were born.  When little I was born with my cleft palate.  The Lord blessed with me a personality that could overcome that trial.  My mom said that she drew from my strength because I was so driven and passionate to speak correctly.  My brother has also spoke of the same things.  I didn't let anyone or anything get in my way.  And because I am so, I was able to overcome my speech impediment.

Well, I haven't given this part of my personality to much thought, until of late.  As a child it really helped me, but as an adult I am learning that I need to tone this part of me down.  Or should I?  I really don't know how or what to do with this part of me.  Have you seen Monk?  It is my favorite show, by far.  Anyway, he says talking about his ability to see every detail, "It's a gift..., and a curse."  I feel that my passion is the same.

How do you feel strongly about something without becoming so obsessive about it?  How do you become satisfied before you've reached that final result?  How do you balance all things, while still staying focus on accomplishing that goal in mind?

Balance.  I think it is in some ways the opposite to passion.  I feel so far from that- but of all things I could develop it would be a desire to be balanced.

When do you accomplish satisfaction and balance when your personality is to be passionate and excel in perfection?

Who else struggles with this?

I would love to hear what you have to say.

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Brianna & Kyle said...

You know what I have recently learned in my sociology class about people who are 'maximizers' and 'satisficers.' Maximizers have high expectations for themselves and excel for perfection. Satisficers are more content and are ok with things that are 'good enough.' In a way that can be a good or bad thing. But maxmimizers can make themselves miserable never being able to meet their expectations. There are pros and cons to them as well. I think because you are so driven and passionate about things, you excel for perfection and have high expectations for yourself. Which is great, but can be frustrating for you to find that balance, like you are saying. So I would say my advice about this would be, to identify those things you are so driven or passionate about, that probably don't need to be excellent or are as important in needing to be perfect in. And identify those important aspects that matter more or are more important to try excelling perfection in. Does that make sense? But I think it's smarter to take things slower and identify those things you want balance in.