Sep 13, 2012

The Atonement is 100%

I was emailing a friend, as we have been corresponding about different things we are working on in our lives.  The Atonement came up and I began writing.  For some reason I am not very open about what I believe, at least to those that don't share my faith.  Yet, I don't know why I should't speak of truth.  Many people are misinformed about what we as members of The Church of Jesus Christ believe.  Christ is the center of our lives and the gospel.  Our doctrine, the temples, our teachings- everything proclaims His name.  Our desire is to be as much like as Him as possible and we believe that through the Atonement we can become whole, complete, and in His name, perfect.  

Instead of re-writing what I shared in the email I will just copy it right from gmail.  I hope that it is simple and speaks for it self.  

"I haven't had a headache for four days now.  Sunday I was able to really thing about things and had an incredible atonement experience, I'll have to share it with you some time.  i was able to release a lot of my speech "sorrows" away.  i don't feel bothered or upset about my past and i have been feeling fine ever since.  I do'nt know if it is coincidence or not.  But I do believe that the Lord can heal our bodies through the atonement.  We don't understand our bodies or minds and their connection, but he does and he can heal us.  The atonement is not 40% or 60%, but 100%.  

The psychologist that I have been working with said that I have a lot of pent up, unworked on emotions from when I was little.  She said that they have been in me for a long time and manifest itself through headaches.  My mom and I were talking about the atonement and how Christ can heal my body and take away all the things I don't know are in me.  I took that for a challenge.  

I was thinking about the atonement on sunday after my experience.  I don't know how it works.  But this is the way that I see it.  Christ sees us as were are in all three times- past, present, future.  In the garden as he suffered for us everything was present to Him.  I think, as he suffered, He made things right.  So when we sin or are hurt, he literally changes what happened to make it right.  So really, what happened, the way we see it, it becomes changed and what we know is no longer correct- as long as we gave it to the Lord.  That is because, in the garden we gave to him all things and he literally changed what happened.  

So after my experience on Sunday and what I felt I literally felt healed.  It is like time was rewound and he went back and changed the the outcome of what happened and what I held onto all of these years.  He went back and changed what was said, how I felt and made it right.  So, from the beginning I was never hurt, never wrong.  

He can change things.  He has the power of time.  He has the power to understand our bodies and make them work correctly.  He has all power with our Father in Heaven to completely understand us and take over if we let Him.  The atonement has the power to literally heal.  I completely believe with all my heart in our Savior, and his ultimate sacrifice.  if we let Him, even if we don't know how, but have the faith, He will take over and do it for us.  I am so grateful for this knowledge."

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