Feb 13, 2013

Utah Trip

 We went to Utah for several reasons- Ryan really wanted to go snowboarding; to see family including: Mary, Kelly, Kyle and Brianna; to be with the Aubreigh, Matt, and Quinn Parks; to throw Aubreigh a baby shower; and to help her as she is pregnant.  We had a great time!

Tyler loved his car trip.  We left at 4 AM on the ride up there.  It took both the boys an hour and half to fall back asleep because they were both so excited to be on this great adventure of ours.  Ty had movies, unlimited treats and fun places to stop- by the end of the trip, our trip was named, "Tyler's Great Adventure".  It is so fun to have children and be the parents that get to spoil and make life fun for our little ones.  That is one of the best parts of being a parent for me!  On our way up we stopped in Vegas at the Silverton hotel to allow Ty to see a huge aquarium.  His favorite were the sting rays.

 We stopped in St. George to see our good friends, the Whiteheads.  It was wonderful seeing Tiffany!
 We got to visit Kelly at BYU and Mary also flew into town.  We really enjoyed being able to see them!  We spent an afternoon being on campus with Kelly.  We love that she is there and being able to experience all that BYU has to offer.  A couple nights following Mary and Kelly came up to Heber, where we were staying, and we were able to spend time together as a family.  We really had a nice time with them.  It was fun to see BYU campus and Provo as we spent many years there.  Much of it felt familiar, but did not feel like home, that was surprising to me.
 We got to visit Kyle and Brianna.  Tyler keeps talking about Kyle and Nana, we wish we lived closer!  Sunday they made us a delicious dinner and we enjoyed being in their apartment.  I remember being newly married, living in Provo, so it is really fun to experience that life again, as I have a lot of sweet memories with Ryan there.  Tyler had to take turns cuddling with everyone while he watched Anastasia.
The last night on the way home we stayed in a hotel and ordered pizza.  Ty had a queen bed all to himself.  He grabbed his pizza, jumped on his bed, laid down and starting eating watching a movie.  What a life of a two year old! It was pretty cute!  As soon as he woke up, he went straight for his cold pizza, not realizing he had an entire continental breakfast waiting for him down stairs.

There were a few tender mercies during the trip.  We got a flat tire on the way up.  But we got it while filling up with a tire shop right around the corner.  We could have gotten it in the snow, far from anyone, or had to put a spare on, which would have been a huge pain because our trunk was very full.  We were very grateful.  Also, we got stuck in a snow storm and we were kept safe.  It was extremely stressful and hard to see a few feet ahead, but Ryan did a great job and we got to our hotel.

Thank you to the Parks for letting us stay with them.  It was wonderful to see friends, Kendra Manwaring and the McIntires; and family of course: the Dawson's and Williams.

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