Feb 11, 2013

Riley's 7 months

Riley is still our happy little guy.  He got his 6 months shots which made him a little fussier than normal and woke up in the middle of the night.  I am sure glad I have babies that sleep all night early on because that sure throws me when they don't :)

Riley's new things:
- starting to jump in his bouncer
- starting to "talk" differently using his lips and tongue, it is so cute
- knows his mom and dad and is sad when they are not around
- grew out of his large swaddle length wise, so now we just swaddle his arms, but his legs are free.  We tried to not swaddle him, but he just doesn't like when we don't.  I am looking forward when he doesn't need to be swaddled.  It will be soon enough.
- Started to eat puff and teething biscuits
- in 12mo and some 18 mo clothes (granite, the are hand me downs, so they have been washed and dried a ton)
- takes two naps, each about 2-3 hours.  One is usually longer than the other
- bedtime routine starts at 7:15 for bath and has a bottle and asleep about 8pm or a little before
- usually wakes up around 7am for a binky and then falls asleep and I wake him up at 8:30am.
- has eaten lots of different foods and is now wanting to eat
- hates to get dressed!
- doesn't sleep very well if it isn't in his crib.  He'll fall asleep, but only take a short less than hour nap
- takes between 6-8oz of formula, depending if he gets solids after
- loves approval of when he talks, jumps, makes a noise and smiles real wide for us
- is a champ at rolling from his back to tummy (for months now), but won't roll from his back to tummy
- still has really blue eyes and still has his dark hair (straight, unlike his brothers at this age)
- is 20 lbs 10.6oz.  He is 75% for height and his weight is in the 92%  - he is a big kid!
- size 3 diapers, but ready to move his to size 4's.  Actually, I need to move Ty down to size 4 and Riley up, that will be nice
- When he is put to bed he likes to be put in his crib to fall asleep on his own, has a hard time being rocked.  He likes being rocked, just not when he is trying to fall asleep.  I like it this way, it makes it very easy.

We love you Riley!  You are growing up so quickly!

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