Mar 24, 2013

The best gift: choice

Yesterday Ryan came to me with sad news of our friends, one of which just got remarried.  We both were shocked, as we didn't know they had gotten a divorce, or did he die? We haven't seen these friends nor really talked with them for almost 6 years now.  That is enough time for a lot to happen.
I hope it is natural for any couple to question- I hope that doesn't happen to us?!  But, it can.  Although, each of us have choices of how we want to live.  Perhaps this couple is better off apart.  But, I know that of all things in my life, I want Ryan to stay in mine, and he wants me to stay in his.

We have choices in life of being that person that other wants to keep and staying committed to support the other through life's follies.  Sometimes for some the right choice is to say good bye.  I wish that didn't bother me when people have to do that.  It hurts children and families.  I know I want to live my life so I don't have to feel that hurt.  I don't want to wake up one morning and say "what happened"!? As it seems Ryan and I feel towards this couple, afraid that could happen to us.  But truly, as outside viewers it seems so quick, but for them, there are many things we missed.

I want to be alive and present in my marriage and take care of everyday so years don't pass and I wonder what filled them.  Choice, every day we have choice.  What do you want in life?  Who do you want in it?  Be that specific person you want to be so those specific people you want, want to be in it.  Choice, we are the only one that owns it, be in charge of it and be smart with it!  It is the best gift: choice!

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