Mar 21, 2013

Tyler Post

This post is for my Ty.  He is sweet, lovable, needs his quality time, hoarder, good listener, obedient, good eater, loves to be silly, helpful, clean, loves trains and cars....
He is defiantly a people person.  This little boy of mine reminds me so much of me in so many ways, it is crazy.  
Lately I have been busy, and Tyler has been suffering because of it.  Poor little guy didn't want to nap and wouldn't go down.  For about an hour or more I went into his room several times asking him to go to bed.  Finally about an hour later he gave out that cry (the true genuine I need you, I hurt cry).  I went up there, he had his blankets in his hands and asked to be picked up.  Within minutes he was asleep in my arms.  He has never done that before.  He was just dying to be with me.
He is my little boy that no matter what, my time is everything to him.  I was reminded today that I need to slow down and spend T.I.M.E with those I love most.
Thank you Ty, I look forward to more time with you!

 Time with mommy
 good sleeper
 "more" and "please" ... and "coooooookies"
 loves to hang out
 loves new things
 loves to clean
 loves to bike
 good negotiator "share"
loves Costco

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Hillary said...

So cute! Thanks for sharing and for reminding all of us Moms that time is everything to our little ones. What sweet little ones you have. :)