Apr 10, 2013


Tyler has been potty training. Pretty much because he decided he was ready, that is usually how it happens with our Tyler. He has been doing fairly well, but incentives are still a need. Ty loves “T.B” (TV), as he calls it. One day he wanted to watch Finding Nemo but I told him he couldn't until he pooped in the potty. Throughout the day I found him on the toilet grunting and groaning trying to make his poops come out. Those darn poops, when they aren't ready, they just aren’t ready. But Ty was determined to get them out. All morning and afternoon he would sit on the pot and say, “coming” with excitement (in reference to his poops coming out) and then ask, “nemo”? I would remind him of our deal. With all his suborn determination those poops never came. Later that day we went to my mom’s for dinner. After being in the other room from Ty I return back to the family room to see Granddad and Tyler nestled up together watching Finding Nemo. That little stinker! _________________________________________________________________________________

My Grandma loves taking Tyler to McDonalds. She loves to see his face eating ice cream and playing on the playcenter. Now come on really, isn't that a Grandma’s job! (Great-grandma in this instance.) We were eating our lunch and Ty asked for an ice cream. We told him after he finished his lunch. Shortly after he began placing French fries on my grandma’s plate one by one. At first we thought he was being so nice sharing, as usually his French fries are “mine”. But quickly we realize his desire for ice cream. That’s a smart boy! Once he received his ice cream he was enjoy his very own, until he saw the playground. He pointed to the playground, handed me his cone and went off running. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be a kid?!

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