Apr 10, 2013

McDonald's Slide Horror

Our friends from UT came to visit and were planning on going to the Wild Animal Park with them. Although a day before the visit Ty decided he was going to potty train. I wasn’t sure what to do as I really wanted to be with our friends, but didn’t want to miss out on this potty training opportunity. In my quantry my mom said she would take Ty home from the Wild Animal Park early to potty train.

Although, on her way home she decided to go to McDonald’s to bring Ty for lunch and to play… (did she forget she was potty training!?)  I think she now asks herself that same question! After lunch she had him go potty and then let Ty play for a little bit. After being in the tunnels for a while kids came down the slide wet. My mom and Grandma started to worry and found Ty following the other children soaked. To her surprise not only was it pee, but yes, poops too. YUK!

She rushed him to the bathroom that had no paper towels and a small sink. With hands and borrowed napkins from the front desk Ty got a bubble bath in the McDonald’s sink. Could you imagine how gross this must have been for my mom! About 20 minutes later after that fiasco was cleaned up my mom and Grandma returned to the playground to collect their things. To their surprise they found 5 little children guarding the slide and with disgusted faces said, “There is poop up there!” She hurried, put Ty in the car and had my grandma tell them the slide needed some cleaning.

If people wonder why I have been a hermit the last few weeks, you now no longer need to wonder.

Moral of the story- stay at home when you potty train your kid, or beware of the McDonald’s playground- you’ll never know what you’ll find!

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Hillary said...

Wow! You'll laugh at this experience someday. Good advice for when potty training. Jordan still isn't consistently interested. Good luck with the potty training.