Apr 30, 2013

Riley's 10 months!

Riley's 10 month updates: 

- attempting to crawl (planks, gets up on knees, army crawls, turns around)
- has two bottom teeth
- still sleeps like a champ, rarely do we have to get up with him at night
- takes two solid naps (2-3 hours each)
- is great with other people (babysitters, kids club at gym)
- loves to stand holding himself up (still needs to be watched, falls still and doesn't pull himself up)
- has long brown hair that sticks straight up
- people always comment on how beautiful his eyes are and cute his face is
- mimics no, with his head going back and forth
- mimics when you wave bye bye
- is starting to think things are really funny and gives a good laugh
- it is easy to put him to bed, lay him down, he talks to himself for a while and then he nodes off to sleep
- wakes up happy
- is 89% for weight (23 lbs) and 93% for height
We love our little Riley!!!

1 comment:

Hillary said...

Wow! What a mover and big kid. So adorable with that hair that sticks straight up. :)