Apr 30, 2013

Tyler says:

"Riley, set, go!"

.... just  a little off. Too cute when they start saying things.

We drive up to the Cedar City, UT hotel where we had been a few months ago and he got to enjoy his pizza, movie, and laying on his very own queen bed and as we drive up the second time, months later he says:


After pooping (again for the second time) in the McDonalds play center (boy they are going to be clean after we are done with them!) we were on our way up to our room and in the elevator Ty found a nice lady to tell her all about peeing and pooping in McDonalds.  For some reason he was very proud.

The next day we drove up to McDonalds (a favorite on the trip since it had play centers for him to get his wiggles out) and before he gets out of the car and puts his hands up in the air and says, "YAY! pee and poopies!".... no Tyler, that is not the place of choice to pee and poop.

Although, he seemed to be excited about peeing and pooping in McDonalds when we called Daddy (who was in New York while we were in UT) that night to tell him of our night he said, "Sorry Daddy, sorry, peed and pooped, stairs, sorry Daddy."

So, who knows to the lady he was excited about his deed, to Daddy he was sorry, and he exclaimed for joy the next time we went to McDonalds.

So the last time we went to McDonald's on the trip we told him no playing until he pooped in the toilet. Luckily, we had success and he was rewarded with some nice playing on the slides.

When we got home from the trip and a few days after someone was asking him where he went on his trip, he said, "McDonald's!".  Oh, the things these kids remember.

After all this McDonald's climbing, Tyler came home ready to climb anything he could find.  We found him on top of our fence (oh, how in darnation did he get on the very top of the fence!) and in our trees.  Watch out!

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Brianna & Kyle said...

Kyle and I could not stop laughing reading about Tyler and McDonalds! I know it was not funny at all when it happened, but it sure sounds funny now, especially reading about Tyler's reactions! So glad you could be here for Graduation! But I bet you are glad to be back home and in a normal routine now. I know we are still recovering from a busy, but fun week! Love and Miss you guys!