Apr 11, 2013

Riley is 9 Months!

Riley's Updates:

- still a happy, very smiley baby
- his reflux has gotten much, much better.  I don't think he has spit up for a few days now!  Thank you medicine!  People are commenting on how nice I look- that is because I am in real clothes! Haha! good bye sweats!
- still sleeps like a champ.  Morning nap 2-3 hours.  After noon nap 2 hours.
- bed: 7:30 pm and wakes up about 7:30 am.
- still loves his brother
- puts himself to sleep.  I lay him down in his crib, which he thinks is real fun and giggles and kicks his legs and then dozes off to sleep.
- I used to do his solids and bottle at the same time, but this increased his spitting up, so I split these up.  I feed him solids when he wakes up for breakfast, lunch and dinner and he gets a bottle a little before he goes down for his naps and bed.  He takes about 6 oz/bottle and up to 8oz before bed time.
- his favorite foods are peaches and pears, but he likes pretty much everything I give him.  A new favorite is avocado.  He eats that almost everyday.
- he sits up super well and is beginning to lunge forward like he wants to crawl.
- he scoots a little, but doesn't crawl yet
- he got is first tooth!  (bottom left)
- does he cry, not really!  we love our good babies!
- he drinks out of a sippy cup during meal time
- he loves not being swaddled and has become so much more cuddly, I love this!

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