Apr 10, 2013

Mowing the lawn is a little different than vacuuming the carpet

So, I am pleased to announce, that for the very first time I mowed the lawn (or should I be embarrassed!?). Yes, at age 27… No one has ever asked me to or shown me how. I asked my neighbor to give me a lesson which included “push this button a few times, it gets the juices flowing and pull this thing until it starts.” Yes, as you can tell, she is an expert. So, I went on mowing and I learned a few things:
 - mow in a LONG straight line, not in small segments at at time, it takes a very long time mowing as if you were vacuuming carpet
- when you see a missed patch of mowed long grass, don't go right to it leaving your long, straight line- come back to it at the end. It is much more efficient and you don't look like a chicken with it's head cut off mowing the lawn.
- it is much easier to push the lawn mower than pulling it backwards. You don't mow like you vacuum and you look stupid if you do
 - too long of grass turns off the mower or did it run out of gas?
- you get blisters from squeezing and pushing (and pulling in my case)
- i've concluded that it is impossible to mow in corners
- when I mow I burn more calories than the average lawn mowing expert
- doing edges must be hard, because I can't even figure out how to turn on the weed wacker
- do they weed wack before mowing if the grass is almost a foot long?  Boy someone of those areas we really hard to push through
- my husband will be oh, so proud and hopefully have some more time on his hands to do something fun

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Kendra said...

That was hilarious! And I SO wast there too, two summers ago. The edging, I still can't get the weed wacker to start, ever, and if I get Nathan to start if or me, I end up getting a blister, and I don't want to rest because I can't get the thing to start! Way to go!