Jun 14, 2013

Riley's 11 months

My Ry is 11 months.  How did that happen!?  

Riley's highlights this past month:

- crawling like a champ
- pulling him self up, walking along furniture and starting (wobbly) to transfer to other things
- waves and says, "ba ba"
- says, "ma ma" and yesterday day said, "da da"
- taking less bottles a day, usually about 2 (each about 6 oz) a day, but sometimes 1 and sometimes 3
- eats almost everything except for the "not before 1 years old" foods
- starting introducing yogurt, cheese, milk... still trying to figure out how it affects his tummy and if it makes him throw up more
- Ty and Ry play at lot more now together and today Ty went outside and asked if Riley could come out and play with him
- Ty loved TV, I don't know if Riley knows it even exists
- The boys go to childcare most mornings at the gym while I work out and Riley does great
- He is transitioning to one nap, but is still taking more two naps a day than only one
- He wears 12-18 mo clothes
- He loves my keys.  So I made him his own pair.  I even went to Home Depot and bought the same blue stretchy key chain.  Some how he knows when he has mine (never wants to let go) and when I give him his own, he drops them to his side.  Seriously!  He isn't even one yet, how are they so smart!
- Still a wonderful sleeper.  Sleeps 12-13 hours a night.  Lately he has been going to bed about 7pm or before.  It has been nice!
- He is much happier now that he is crawling around.  He thinks he is hot stuff venturing out of the room on his own
- His favorite place in the house is the gate at the bottom of the stairs.  Ryan had to tighten it up because he would stand at it and shake it until it opened.  
- He knows when we feed him baby food and when we eat our food.  He won't go for that :)
- He doesn't like to get dressed, but is starting to understand to grit through it.   Sometimes he puts his arm up when we put his shirt on
- He thinks it is real exciting to go fast in a shopping cart, falling, or being swung in circles
- Tyler is the best thing that has ever happened to him.  Riley thinks Tyler is the funniest, most enjoyable person to be next to and touch.  
- Riley thinks it is really funny when people are caught off guard and say "ouch" or "whooa".  He gets the giggles and belly laughs
- He has three teeth.  Two on the bottom, one on the top

We love our Riley, next month it will be his big 1 yr!

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