Jul 30, 2013

Riley, Happy ONE year!

Riley's hight lights: - 4 teeth - 1 naps, with two once in a while - 2-3 bottles - 12-13 hours at night - happy little guy - starting to stand without holding onto anything - eating all foods and likes most things - transitioned to Almond milk, still throws up if he has dairy - loves to open drawers and unload them - favorite people: Tyler, mom and dad, grandma and grandad - loves words like: ouch, ahchew... he belly laughs when people are caught off gaurd - loves the sand box and cries when you take him away - loves, loves the beach - loves the water, esp. being under the water. We send him across the Jacuzzi from one person to the next and he torpedoes under the water - loves his bath time - loves to chase Ty around the house as they crawl around together - loves his blanket - takes a whole 2-5 minutes to put him to bed, he is so easy - If we are lucky he'll fall asleep in our arms to cuddle, but usually he likes to be in his bed to relax and fall asleep - when he wakes up he likes to play in his bed for a while before we get him - takes 2.5-4 hour naps - loves being outside - signs all done, once in a while - waves bye bye - loves his bottle and whines and follows me around the house when he needs his bottle - loves drinking his water out of his sippy cup - loves his mommy, but is good about being in kids club at the gym or with a babysitter

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