Jul 30, 2013

Ty's 3 years old!

Tyler is 3 now! These are his updates: - talking in three word sentences - potty trained, did that in March 2013 - sleeps in twin size bed - at three he seemed to make a transition to getting out of bed on his own, before this he would call for us to come and get him. There are pro's and con's to both- this way, he'll get out and go to the bathroom on his own, con's, we have to make sure we wake up when he does or else he will explore and "work", getting into things - loves taking trips! He has loved traveling to Utah and back now three times since January - loves to collect trash with Daddy and doing any man stuff with Dad - loves to swim and is getting better and better - is tan, he has beautiful skin - loves his brother and asks me to get him up, out of bed, or put him down so they can crawl and play together - loves going to Grandma's anytime he can - still takes a nap, but that is fading - goes to bed around 8am and wakes up between 7am and 8am - loves TV and this summer we have been going to the $1 showings and that he been a huge hit for him - loves his neighbors, Ethan and Tristin - loves church and is doing better being quite - loves to read books - loves to whine and cry- oh yes, we love this ;) - can buckle himself in the car - gets himself dressed and shoes on - favorite food: snacking bell peppers, rice, mac n cheese, pizza, peaches, watermelon - plays well by himself - loves puzzles and does them fast. Likes to figure them out and do them himself - loves to do things on his own, "do it!" - will swing outside anytime you allow him - has an incredible sense of direction. We were in La Jolla the other day and he asked if we were going to the temple (we didn't even pass it); tells us which way to go to go to church, home, grandma's, Ian's, ect. The other day we were driving south toward San Diego and he asked if we were going to Daddy's work. - loves to control and demand people, oh yes, we love this too ;) - loves to pray. We must pray every couples hours. Meals, anytime we are driving anywhere, naps, bed- he keeps us on the straight and narrow - he is a sensitive boy and picks up on sadness, frustration, anger, excitement, confusion. I have to be careful with this has he starts acting the emotion and escalates quickly if we don't real him in. We love our little Ty. It used to be sad to me seeing my kids grow up, but now I really enjoy seeing their new stages and enjoy seeing life through their eyes. Sorry that this is in paragraph form. Is blogger having a hard day or something? I can only write in the HTML setting, not the compose function. We'll have to do. - sorry

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