Jul 30, 2013

Last couple of Months

Lots going on. Took a trip to UT for Kaylee's baby blessing. We absolutely loved being with the Williams' side of the family. Kaylee is adorable and I love that my boys are starting to get cousins! We celebrated Riley's first year birthday in UT. We got to stay with one of my closest friends Traci. We didn't get enough time with her, in my opinion! Tyler and Riley are becoming best buds. Kyle and Brianna came to CA to visit! Can't wait for them to come again. Oh, and have I mentioned I got braces? Yep, preparing for jaw surgery to close my open bite, orthodontist said I should be ready for surgery this Fall. We are doing well. Busy with little kids, there is always a need. Some how we find time for the house, family time, and couple time. Wish I knew how to balance things better and give things up to spend more quality time with those that mean most. But I hope I am not alone in this and that is just the sounds of motherhood. In short, life is good and we are grateful.

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