Oct 23, 2013

When you WANT what you have, you have what you want.

(...) indicates paragraph breaks- does anyone know how to fix this HTML problem of the spaces not showing up? Being Mom..... Right now my boys are one and three. My life revolves a majority of the time listening to tantrums and sweeping the floor. When the laundry piles so high and I am out of laundry baskets it forces me to put away what has been picked through and start all over. Beds are being changed nightly either from puck or pee. Getting into the car and out of the car is such a chore that I dread the trips. I make meals, but most of the time they want something else or it sits cold and isn't tasty to be appreciated. There are finger prints, lost appliances, and it seems as though I never clean...... But, the giggle of their sweet little voices; the cuddle that says I love you; the cry that says I need you; the peek-a-boo that says I love to play; their eyes that sparkle; a look that tells me I am perfect; their stillness that says I am good enough; their silliness that says they feel safe; the excitement that says thank you; their jokes that show they are learning; their asking for my time that says they want to give theirs; their discovery that shows their innocents; their smooth skin that I love to touch; a kiss on their little lips that pauses time; them coping me to show their adoration; the joy they find in an ant, bird, or plane; the pride they find in peeing in the toilet or using a fork; a wagon ride or swinging….... I pray that I can enjoy everything that comes along with having a one and three year old. It is one of the hardest things I have ever done, but each day I am given a million gifts to remind me why I love them and I want what I have, allowing me to have everything I want.

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