Jan 6, 2014

Saturday garage Sales

 Saturday garage sales have pretty much always been my thing.  As a kid I have fond memories of garage saling as a family.  We would drive around with Enya playing in the back ground, shopping, and occasionally getting donuts.  It is fun to do the same with my boys once in a while.  They are cute and I love doing special things with them.  

 I have been wanting a hamster lately.  I had one as a child and I loved it.  Lately in life I have been searching for a "new normal" in my life.  I have a tendency to be very black and white in my thinking and am a perfectionist.  I am not really an animal person, but in this new search in life I am striving to go about life differently. So, I bought a black and white hamster and named him Gray.  As I am discovering the gray in life and learning balance I am becoming a much happier person.  Gray will let me hold him and talk to him and let me tell him all about my discovery.  And in the mean time, my children love him!
And, again, if you haven't figured it out, I think my kids are cute :)

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