Jan 6, 2014

Anything can be solved over a bowl of ice cream

Before Ty was born Ryan and I were walking down the street of New Bruswick, New Jersey enjoying our new state of residence and I asked Ryan, "If there is anything you want to teach our son, what is it?"  Ryan responded, "That anything can be solved over a bowl of ice cream." 

That has stuck with me over the years and I have given that simple phrase some thought and it has become special to me.  Even though Ryan didn't have anything necessarily deep to say, he actually did.

Even though in life, there maybe events that may take more than a bowl of ice cream, I hope our children know that there is a whole tub of it and we want to be eating it with them. No matter the issue, we want to spend the time to listen and be with them.

And over ice cream, together, anything can be solved.  

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