Jan 6, 2014

We are trying to teach of Jesus

The other day after church my kids were at my parents house as Ryan and I were in Mexico.  Ian and Whitney came over to their house to eat dinner and brought the Nativity to watch.  When Ty heard about watching a movie on Christ he says, "no, please, no more Jesus!"  I guess 3 hours of church was enough for him that day.

We have a book mark on the fridge of a little girl and Jesus.  Tyler asked it that was me and I followed by explaining that was me following Jesus.  I asked him, "Do you want to follow Jesus?"  and he replied, "no, I stay home."

My mom was working at the temple one Saturday and Tyler asked where she was that morning.  After explaining my mom said, "Tyler, are you going to the temple?"  and he said, "no, I go to Home Depot."
Going to church with little ones and teaching stories of Christ, sometimes we wonder if anything is sticking.  We hope that our children develop their testimonies of their Savior, but sometimes I wonder if I am doing a good job.  But Tyler helps me be reminded when we visit the temple.  He loves the temple.  He asks to go often and is such a happy boy when we are there.  I am grateful he recognizes the spirit and enjoys being on these holy grounds.

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