Jul 17, 2014

Day 9 post op

Today I can smile a little more without it hurting,  as bad. 

I was busy today and went to my Grandmas,  McDonalds, gymnastics for the kids open gym,  and helped throw Tyler a birthday party (happy birthday Ty!).  I kept up pretty good,  with no naps. 
I only took one Norco today and supplemented with Tylenol and Ibuprofen. Yesterday I finished my last dose of antibiotics. 

My swelling has come down and I'm excited to see the changes in the morning because I'm peeing a ton today,  worth more than I'm drinking- (you are welcome for that information :)

My pain has been from about a 4-7 today. My face feels beat up and bruised.  I took my bands off once and my friend with perfect vision put them back on- so it wasn't excruciating like yesterday and only took about 5 minutes. 

Eating is very difficult.  I can only open my mouth about a half an inch before my jaw is too tight to open any further.  I use a baby spoon and about a pea size of food to put into my mouth. So it takes a very long time to eat and by the end, my jaw is very sore.

I haven't brush my teeth yet bc I can't get a tooth brush in there and my upper lip is very sensitive and hurts if it is moved or touched. Now that I'm eating food, I'm desperate to brush and floss!

I have lost 6 pounds so far. Today I ate pudding, oatmeal, ice cream, soup, cake, yogurt, water,  juice, soda.

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