Jul 16, 2014

Day 8 post surgery

Went to the jaw surgeon and he cut all my rubber bands!  I can open my mouth,  brush my teeth,   and eat anything as soft as a cooked egg!

Although,  it kills to open my mouth, brush my teeth,  or eat,  so it's not as glorious as it sounds,  but,  it will get better and oh was it nice to eat some soup and pudding!

I have "training" rubber bands that I take off everytime I eat and clean my teeth,  and then I put them back on until the next meal.  Putting the bands in killed my upper lip (stitches and still numb and swollen). I tried for a while to get them in, wasn't having luck,  so my dad tried for a while.  We thought he got them,  but, they were placed wrong :( then my mom came In with her glasses,  huge magnified glass,  hunched over me while I was laying on the bed, with an ice pack and mirror.  I did not feel In good hands :) lots of love,  just not lots of confidence.  Haha! Luckily my second mom, Janice, walked in the room and she held my hand and stroked my hair. 

We all got through and the bands on.  Took about an hour,  but we did it. I then had to recover for the next hour with a dose of pain meds,  Ice packs and heat packs.  ... until dinner time, and then ill have to start the whole process over.  I can't imagine doing this for every meal.  And they said I should eat 4-6 times a day.  You can be guaranteed I won't be doing that!

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