Jul 15, 2014

Day 7 post surgery

Swelling has continued to go down. Headache is more at a pain level of 4/10, so that is also getting better.  Still hurts to smile because upper lip is so swollen.  Cuts are more apparent and burn in my mouth.  Not as tired today, just a one hour nap. 

Tears came today,  as I missed being home with Ryan and the boys.  Although I discovered its extremely painful to cry,  so they didn't last long.  Went home for the first time In a week and it was wonderful to hold the boys while we cuddled for bed and to be with Ryan in the evening.  This experience of recovery is helping me to love the simple things even  more. Holding my little boys,  feeling their cute hands hold mine,  their sweet faces light up when they smile,  a pure joyful giggle when they are tickled,  their warm body to cuddle against,  the simple pleasures in reading a book,  washing hands,  or making it to the toilet in time.  I have been like a celebrity to my little Riley, as everytime he sees me he points to me so happy to see me. Tonight he treated me with high regards again as he would not let my hand go,  just so tickled I was home. 

When Ty came the next morning to my moms the first thing he asked was why I was back at Grandmas, because last night I was at home and he thought I would be home when he woke up.  I felt special that the boys were so happy to have mommy home.  

Before my mom picked me up to go back to get house Ryan said I should come home more often :) it feels good to be so wanted.  

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