Jul 14, 2014

Jaw Surgery

When I got my braces off in middle school my orthodontist said that I might need jaw surgery in the future because my lower jaw was growing faster than my upper jaw.  Fast forward 16 years my jaw did indeed grow faster than my upper jaw, leading to an open bite and severe malocclusion- alignment of the teeth. 

Before jaw surgery to make my molars in the back touch I had to shift my lower jaw forward and to the right.  With my open bite, I could never touch my first 5 front teeth.  For some people this does not cause a problem, but for me I have had an array of problems for quite some years.

It is not for sure that my headaches and jaw pain will go away with this surgery, but many doctors' have suggested that it will relieve a lot of the symptoms.  We have done many, many other treatments and nothing has seemed to relieve the pain long term.  We have felt very strongly that jaw surgery will be only a benefit to me.

Here is a list of all the reasons I needed jaw surgery:

- Close the open bite
- Be able to eat all foods, chew with all my teeth
- Fix malocclusion, teeth not fitting together and having to adjust jaw to fit teeth together to eat, swallow, etc.
- Help TMJ problems (pain in jaw, head, face, ears, neck, back, eyes)
- Decrease headaches
- Decrease tongue thrusting (makes more room in mouth and closes open bite space to tongue doesn't want to close the space)
- help my lips close shut easier without strain
- decrease mouth breathing
- decrease speech problem (been to speech therapist in the last two years to help with tongue thrust and sounds that are difficult for me to say- only speech therapist would really pick up on my speech problem)
- decrease jaw pain
- help sleeping problems (because pain is decreased)
- help with difficulty in swallowing (hard for me to eat stringy things like oranges, steak, ect. because my teeth are not aligned right to chew them properly)
- decreases ridges in teeth from clenching
- take away protruding jaw
- no longer have an under bite

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