Jul 14, 2014

Jaw Surgery Prep

Because this surgery was one I could prep for I have had lots of time to think and research.

Physically- I went into braces May 2013.  The jaw surgeon needs to the teeth aligned in a specific way for surgery.  He opened up a space between certain teeth so the saw would only cut through my jaw bone and not my teeth.

I was able to research differently supplements to aid in bruising and swelling- and now have myself on a list of goods :)

I made myself 12 different kinds of soups, once I can open my mouth a bit and drink through a straw I'll then be able to eat that goodness.

I've stocked my cupboards with Boost, soup broths, juices, etc. for the syringe feeding days. 

House- I prepped the house with lots of freezer meals, menu ideas, Grandma to come clean the house, etc.  I knew Ryan would have a lot on his plate and wanted to do as much as I could before I was out of commission for a while, to lessen his load.

The Boys- For the first week Ryan took off of work and I stayed at my moms.  The weeks following, Ryan will be at work and I'll be at my moms with the boys.  Thank goodness for my parents!

Surgical hooks had to be added to my braces so the surgeon rubber band my mouth shut.

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The Bensons said...

I hope this brings you relief! Hugs!