Jul 15, 2014

Jaw Surgery Day- July 8, 2014

At 3 AM I woke up thinking it was time to go.  I was disappointed to find the time and realized how nervous I was.  I was sick to my stomach and had the butterflies. 

Finally, 8:15 AM I checked into a Kaiser surgery center in Otay Mesa, San Diego.   When I got brought back they began an IV.  I also had to take 4-5 sniffs of Afrin, with in 20 minutes of each other.  This was absolutely terrible as it made my throat burn, my stomach very upset and then triggered a migraine headache.  I threw up and my head and throat ponded! I never knew pre-op would be SO uncomfortable!

I said good bye to my mom (my mom came with me and Ryan stayed home with the kids.  We decided to do this as my mom is a nurse and is more comfortable with hospital setting.  Also, I have been nervous about Ryan and the kids and I wanted them to be together as a family and have fun and spend the least time worrying about me, as that helps me to know they are well and happy).  Once in the OR I was being strapped down to the table (head to toe).  This was quite uncomfortable as I still had a migraine (it is extremely bright in the OR) and I wanted to throw up (hard to do when you are strapped down).  All I could think about was- "please, just knock me out!".  The last thing I remember is the anesethologist saying, "we are going to make you feel real good now." ("thank you Doc.!)

So a couple of hours went by and lots of doctors did their thing :)  Some other post I'll explain what they did in surgery.

Post-Op I still had a terrible headache.  My nausea was gone, thank goodness.  They couldn't get me comfortable in recovery, so about 2 hours later they suggested that I go home as the liquid pain killers maybe more affective than the IV drip pain killers.  I don't remember much in recovery.  It seemed busy and I was very out of it.  I just remember them asking me how much pain I had.  I would write it down and they were surprised at how much pain I was still in.  I remember somewhat being wheeled down to the car.  I don't remember the car ride home.  When I got home I couldn't get out of the car as I was so shaky. 

The rest of the night I laid on the couch, don't remember what happened :)

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