Jul 15, 2014

Day 1 Post Surgery

Most of my eating that first day was done with the help of someone else.  I eat through a syringe with a tube that is connected to the syringe that is inserted into my mouth.  The tube is placed on the side of my mouth between my lips and teeth.  Liquid is poured into my mouth and the liquid drains through my teeth and then I swallow.  I can not suck anything, as that will pull my stiches out.

I eat mostly boost, but sometimes soup or juice.  I like the boost best right now because it is not strong in flavor and coats my mouth.  Anything with too much flavor or spice burns my incisions in my mouth where the stiches are.

My day is mostly filled with taking meds or sleeping.  I am on Norco pain killer every 4-6 hours around the clock, with Advil in between.  My mom also crushes (the non-liquid) meds and gives them to me through out the day.  Luckily I found many things in liquid form- vitamins, etc.

Most of my face is numb.  I am bothered most right now by my eyes.  I am so swollen that my eyes have so much pressure in them.  With my migraine still present, I sleep at lot and it is hard to open my eyes.  I can't read or watch TV yet because I am in too much pain. 

The boys came over to see me today, it was very nice to see them.  I am staying at my moms house so I can get as much rest as I can.  Ryan has taken the week off of work so he can stay home with Ty and Ry.  Tyler and Riley were not sure of me.  I played with Riley and got him to smile and then he felt more comfortable with me.  Tyler gave me a hug (we practiced giving hugs before my surgery, so he knew how to be aware of my jaw).  I also practiced with Tyler to give me a kiss on the forehead, I look forward to that kiss!

Ryan has come to see me several times.  The first time I saw him I slept.  He held my hand as I slept.  It was nice to know he was near. 

I slept good last night.  I would just wake up for my meds and then fall back to sleep. 

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