Aug 21, 2014

6 weeks post surgery

"My plates off! I can't believe how exilerated I feel. I can know feel the affects of the surgery. I can bite normal, all my teeth fit together, there is space in my mouth, I never knew I would feel so incredibly overwhelmed to have something I've been missing for so long. So happy right now!" Text I sent family after seeing the jaw surgeon.

That excitement didn't last too long as I went to the orthodontist later that day, which caused tons of pain.

I am still numb in my gums and teeth, but lots of feeling is coming back in my face- but still numb in my face as well. Lots of tingling, which is good, but very uncomfortable. 

I can eat some harder (a bit harder than scrambled eggs) things, but its very uncomfortable to do so.

I moved back home from my parents after 4 weeks. Its been harder home because I have more responsibility. 

I still am lacking on my energy, which is hard being home.

My palate is still very sore and sensitive from being stretched so thin. 

I am more depressed, anxious, and sad now that the adrenaline is wearing off from the recovery state,  but I'm still recovery, so I feel like crap.

I can sleep officially on my side, which I've been doing for a while, but nice to know its now official.

The orthodontist is working in my teeth, which is good bc we are working toward getting them off, but braces just suck- they hurt, my gums and checks are always cut up, aggrevates my headeaches and tmj. I know they'll come off eventually.

My nose and checks still hurt where the plates and screws are. My nose is sore most of the time, esp if it gets bumped.

Waking up is dreaded bc my face is so sore along with my jaw.

Brushing my teeth isn't fun, but I have flossed a few times and used the electric tooth brush a few times. My teeth are super sensitive, so I feel like I have cavities everywhere- which I don't believe is the case.

Flossing is very wierd bc my gums are numb, so the floss goes much higher than it used to. So I have bleeding and random nerve pain. Its definitely something I have to do consciously and infront of a mirror (which I did before- have you ever tried to floss wirh braces?).

I put undue pressure on myself bc I feel like I should be back to normal, but I am still tired and hurt. This is a hard balance.

My headaches have been full force, which is expected with all the movement, strss, and my muscles will take a while to calm down.

The good things are that my orthodontist and jaw surgeon are both very pleased.

My teeth "fit together" and no open bite, but my teeth don't fit perfectly together and they hit at random places. The orthodontist will work this out through the adjustments, but right now my pointy teeth on the right side only touch and inorder to touch all my teeth together I have to adjust my lower jaw forward.  This makes me anxious that it won't completly get fixed, but I've got to give it time.

Surgery,  recovery, adjusting, being patient, letting time pass- it has not been easy and I am tired.

I miss all my visitors and being taken care of like after my surgery. I know I need to be a big girl though. Growing up is hard to do :)

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