Dec 29, 2012


I am glad that is out of my system (last post), at least for now :)  And I am even happier that I don't normally feel that way. I have made leaps and bounds, because I used to feel that quite often.

Last night to calm myself down I took a shower and prayed, two things that always work for me.  I am so grateful for prayer and the peace that I feel from it.

When praying my thoughts were turned toward the Savior.  He had a life filled with pain and yet he continued about his Father's business.   I used to be pretty selfish.  My life was always focused on me and the pain I was in.  I didn't know how to push out the pain and fill my life with happiness.  But I found a solution and most of the time it works.  Serving and turning my heart toward others.  Even though most of the time I do not feel well, I have learned that the more I am about helping others, the happier I am and the less I worry about not feeling well.  The Savior was the ultimate example of this.  I am grateful to know of his life and try to follow in his footsteps.  I know that when I am having a hard time with this, I can ask for his help, peace, and guideness in how to forget myself and serve those around me.  I am grateful I have the faith and that I am making progress.

In this journey of headaches and learning that to find happiness I can turn to serving others instead focusing on myself, through doing this, I have discovered the compassion I have inside.  It is easier to focus on myself and moan and groan and be angry about what I have to go through, but I have realized that everyone has their "headache" and it is better to have compassion on those that struggle as well (because don't we all).  Having compassion and connecting to others, in what ever they go through has brought me much happiness and healing.  I am grateful to those that have opened their door, let me in theirs, and let me to heal inside.  As you let the Savior in, by being like him, he is then able to mend hearts and help heal what is inside.

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